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  1. Historie. Ferrucio Lamborghini založil ve městě Centa v provincii Ferrara firmu Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A. na výrobu traktorů v roce 1948.V roce 1959 výrobu rozšířil o výrobu klimatizací.Na přelomu let 1962 a 1963 položil základy dnešní firmy - vznikla společnost Automobili Lamborghini.Jako úspěšný podnikatel vlastnil vozy Maserati a Ferrari, se kterými však nebyl.
  2. Lamborghini Huracán. The Huracán is the most recent car by Lamborghini. It is the successor to the Gallardo. It has a V10 engine, which produces 449 kW. 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and produces 449 kW. Lamborghini Veneno. The Lamborghini Veneno was a limited production sports car. It cost $4,500,000, making it one of the most expensive cars.
  3. Lamborghini Murciélago (výslovnost murθiˈelaɣo, špan. netopýr) je supersportovní automobil který od roku 2001 do května 2010 vyráběla italská společnost Lamborghini.Jedná se o nástupce vozu Diablo a zároveň o první automobil Lamborghini vyvinutý po převzetí automobilkou Audi. Kupé mělo premiéru v roce 2001, roadster byl představen v roce 2004
  4. This article is about the Lamborghini supercar, the Aventador. To see the Lamborghini SUV, see Surus. 1 Overview 2 Performance 3 Pros and cons 4 Galleries 4.1 Visual Gallery 4.2 Audio gallery 4.3 First buff 4.4 Release 5 Trivia TheLamborghini (also known as Lamborghini Aventador) is the firstly-released supercar and fourth fastest vehicle in Jailbreak, added in the Supercar Update on April.
  5. Lamborghini Urus is the world's first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, in which luxury, sportiness and performance meet comfort and versatility. It offers best-in-class driving dynamics, alongside its unmistakable elegance of design

Lamborghini - abbreviated as Lambo - is an Italian car manufacturer featured in every Forza title since Forza Motorsport 2. 1 Synopsis 2 Vehicles 2.1 Race 2.2 Pre-Tuned 3 References Founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 and currently owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi, Lamborghini produces high-performance cars, the current lineup of which includes the V12-powered. Lamborghini made several different Countach models between 1974 and 1990. LP400. The first Countach model was the LP400. Lamborghini started making the LP400 in 1974. The car used a 3,929 cc (3.9 L) Lamborghini V12 engine. This engine was based on the one used in the Lamborghini Miura. In the LP400, it made 276 kW (375 PS; 370 hp)

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Media in category Lamborghini The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total Lamborghini is an Italian automobile manufacturer that produces high-end (exotic) sports cars and SUVs. It was founded in 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini. Lamborghini's shield depicts a bull, called Raging Bull. Hot Wheels has been recreating Lamborghini models in 1:64 diecast since 1988. The.. In 1971, Lamborghini produced the LP500 Countach prototype. The Countach was named after an Italian dialect term uttered in surprise by Nuccio Bertone upon seeing the car for the first time. The production LP400 Countach was introduced three years later. The prototype was the first car to sport Lamborghini's now-traditional scissor doors, along with vertically mounted rear air intakes INTERIOR. Inside the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, luxurious Italian craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology with a cabin designed to provide a driving experience that combines adrenaline-charged acceleration with utmost comfort

Lamborghini is an Italian supercar manufacturer founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Ferruccio Lamborghini himself decided to build sportscars, because he wasn't satisfied with the quality that Ferraris had offered. Soon the company was and is still very popular among car enthusiasts thanks to its attractive mid-engined supercars such as the Miura and Countach Article Summary X. To draw a Lamborghini, start by drawing a long, horizontal oval with 2 small circles overlapping the bottom for wheels. Then, sketch the basic outline of a Lamborghini inside of the oval, including the body of the car, the seats, and the steering wheel The Lamborghini Urus is an SUV manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini.It was unveiled on 4 December 2017 and was put on the market for the 2018 model year. The name comes from the Urus, the ancestor of modern domestic cattle, also known as the aurochs Lamborghini is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Sant'Agata Bolognese. Apart from high end sports cars, Lamborghini is also known for its production of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and V12 powerboat engines as well as tractors through its Lamborghini Trattori brand. Lamborghini was founded in 1963 by Ferruchio Lamborghini as a way to compete with Ferrari and were highly.

Automobili LAMBORGHINI S.p.A. is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxurysports carsand, formerly,SUVs, which is owned by theVolkswagen Groupthrough its subsidiary brand divisionAUDI. LAMBORGHINI's production facility and headquarters are located inSant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. In 2011, LAMBORGHINI's 831 employees produced 1,711 vehicles. From 1967 to 1968 LAMBORGHINI had the world's fastest. The 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo is a mid-engined sports car by Lamborghini featured in all Xbox 360 Motorsport titles. 1 Synopsis 2 Statistics 3 Conversions 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References The Gallardo debuted in 2003 as a competitor against Ferrari's V8 sports cars and as a better daily driver than the Lamborghini Murciélago. Like the Murciélago, it is all-wheel drive but powered by a smaller.

Lamborghini-modellen; Huidige modellen: Huracán · Aventador Uitvoeringen Lamborghini Gallardo: Coupé · SE · Spyder · Superleggera · LP560-4 · LP560-4 Spyder · LP550-2 Valentino Balboni · LP570-4 Superleggera Uitvoeringen Lamborghini Murciélago: Coupé · Roadster · 40th Anniversary · LP640 · LP640 Roadster · LP650-4 Roadster · LP670-4 SV · Reventón · Reventón Roadste

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Fuel consumption values of all vehicles promoted on this page - Fuel consumption combined: 11 mp Lamborghini is an Italian sports car manufacturer founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini. It is one of the longest-surviving car manufacturers in the Asphalt series, existing as early as Asphalt Urban GT.. Overview. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and, SUVs, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary brand division Audi

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Lamborghini is a licensed subtheme of Racers introduced in 2009. Unlike most Racers subthemes, it provides large-scale, highly-detailed models intended for display as well as play. The theme's two sets feature detailed, 1:17th scale models of existing Lamborghini cars. The cars released so far are the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, in it's iconic yellow paint job, and the Gallardo Polizia. 1 Overview 2 Driving Simulator 3 Performance 4 Former History 5 Trivia The Lamborghini Aventador LP-750-4 SuperVeloce is a Supercar built by Lamborghini. SuperVeloce stands for Super Speed, and it is a high-performance version of the normal Lamborghini Aventador. Now just called the Lamborghini Aventador, the Aventador costs $850,000, the same as the McLaren Senna. As the price suggests, it. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., commonly known as Lamborghini, is a manufacturer of high performance sports cars based in the small Italian village of Sant'Agata Bolognese, near Bologna. The company was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini (April 28, 1916 - February 20, 1993) as a spin-off from his very successful tractor factory, Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A.. Lamborghini and his wife Mariah Geneser. Lamborghini Huracán STO - Poslední svého druhu. Galerie . Novinky, Vybran. Lamborghini je italská značka automobilů, založená v roce 1962, která vznikla ze stejnojmenné společnosti na výrobu traktorů. Dnes patří pod automobilku Audi.. Automobilka údajně vznikla ze sporu Ferruccia Lamborghiniho s Enzem Ferrarim o kvalitu spojky na jeho Ferrari 250GT.Lamborghini se proto rozhodl založit vlastní firmu, jejíž auta měl pohánět dvanáctiválcový motor.

The Lamborghini Veneno, also known as the Lamborghini Veneno LP 750-4, is a limited-production hypercar based on the Lamborghini Aventador and was built to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary, along with the Lamborghini Egoista one-off concept car. 1 Description 2 Asphalt 9: Legends 2.1 Performance 2.2 Availability 3 Asphalt Street Storm Racing 3.1 Summary 3.2 Blueprint 3.3 Sale values 4. Lamborghini - traktory, malotraktory, traktory na vinice a sady - symbol jedinečnosti, originality, efektivity, produktivity. Výkonný stroj s nízkými provozními náklady Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with established marques. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu A 'Used' Lamborghini R 653 parked off to the side at Cromford Steam Rally 2008 A restored example of a Lamborghini tractor. Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A. was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1948, who also created the Lamborghini cars. It was purchased by SAME in 1972. After also purchasing Hurlimann, the parent company was called S-L-H (Same-Lamborghini-Hurlimann)

Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Oakley Design AlRashed Carbon Edition (19912139529).jpg 6,000 × 3,560; 6.79 MB Lamborghini Aventador Monaco IMG 1145.jpg 4,245 × 2,830; 7.05 MB Lamborghini Aventador SV.jpg 1,024 × 636; 190 K Headquarters: via Corticella 5/7/9 - loc. Valenzatico - 51039 Quarrata - Italy - Tel: +39 0573 790066 - Fax: +39 0573 734332 - info@formitalia.i

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Téma lamborghini na wiki.blesk.cz. Přečtěte si veškeré aktuální informace o tématu lamborghini - nejnovější články, aktuality, fotografie, videa. Kompletní zpravodajství na wiki.blesk.c The Lamborghini Countach LP500S is a casting by Matchbox that debuted for the 1985 mainline. The casting has a number of MB154 and was originally produced from 1985 to 2000 when it was discontinued. The Lamborghini Countach LP500S has been issued in the following versions: Lamborghini Countach (1973) Add a photo to this galler

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